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Review: Yuck – Glow & Behold

This review of Yuck’s Glow & Behold has to start with commending the band. I can’t think of many indie rock bands that have survived the departure of their principle songwriter and lived to release another collection of songs, let alone one that follows a tangible path from the previous incarnation of the band. Despite […]

Gig Reviews

Garbage, Forum Theatre – 27/02/2013

“Well that was a monumental fuck-up wasn’t it?” proclaimed frontwoman Shirley Manson after losing the lyrics to classic Garbage track When I Grow Up. Fortunately, the crowd that had assembled at the Forum were more than ready to jump in and help her out. Shirley and the clan sauntered onto the beautiful theatre stage at […]

Gig Reviews

High Highs, The Toff In Town – 30/1/13

According to High Highs’ last Fb profile, their major influence is ‘silence’. Judging by their live performance, I wouldn’t disagree. “This is our first show as a band in Australia,” the frontman of High Highs, Jack Milas, explained halfway through his set at The Toff in Town. This may not seem so odd when you […]

Album Reviews

Yo La Tengo – Fade

When a band have been around for almost thirty years, theoretically it becomes relatively easy to identify the genre that their music falls into. However, meet Yo La Tengo: they don’t make it easy. One could definitely label them with that gaping void of a genre we call ‘alternative rock’, but that would be lazy. […]

Album Reviews

Tegan And Sara – Heartthrob

In their time, the musical world of Canada have given us a lot to love. In the last year alone we’ve had a farewell tour for post-hardcore juggernauts Alexisonfire, a resoundingly praised record from Grimes, and the return of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Unfortunately, in 2013 we cannot add ‘top notch release from Tegan and […]

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