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Incubus – The Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 03/02/2012

An eclectic sold-out crowd has gathered at the Hordern Pavilion to see Incubus perform.

It’s not an all ages gig in the traditional sense but it sure does seem as though every age from 18 through to retirement has come out to rock, and rock they shall. Frontman Brandon Boyd, sporting shoulder length hair and a denim jacket, hasn’t lost his touch with the ladies as evident by the shriek of female wolf whistles when Incubus take the stage.

The familiar slow build intro of Megalomaniac fills the venue and the headbanging is underway already. Next up is Pardon Me off 1999 record Make Yourself, showcasing the scratching skills of DJ Chris Kilmore.

After two songs, Boyd finally addresses the crowd, asking Sydney how they’re doing. From the reaction it appears that Sydney is doing great.

After Adolescents, the lead single from last year’s If Not Now, When?, Boyd loses his jacket and even though he still has on a T-shirt, the girls go mental.

Delving back into the 90s, Kilmore once again flexes his scratching abilities on Privilege before Boyd straps on a guitar for power ballad If Not Now, When?

30 minutes into the set, Boyd thanks those in attendance and the fans erupt! Incubus clearly has the crowd totally hypnotised.

Incubus continue to work through their massive catalog of songs with Anna Molly from Light Grenades proving very popular with Kilmore and the guy standing next to me, talk about losing your shit!

About an hour in, Boyd jettisons his shirt to the girls’ delight, shortly after announcing that “we haven’t played this song in a really long time” before Incubus deliver a memorable rendition of Warning.

Closing out an overall slower-paced set with Drive and Wish You Were Here, everyone is singing their heart out and almost cause a tremor stomping unmercifully for an encore. Incubus comes back out and wrap up a killer set with The Original and A Certain Shade of Green from S.C.I.E.N.C.E..

The show’s over, the house lights come on and Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey plays on the PA. What a night!

Check out our photos from the night here

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