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Laneway 2012 – Active Child

At the base of the bell tower Pat Grossi aka Active Child takes to the Windish Agency Stage; armed with a harp and his angelic voice.

It’s a slow start to a slow set, filled with slow-building songs and a slow, cool breeze that carries the always-welcomed aroma of a freshly lit joint. Grossi thanks the crowd for their patience and Active Child begin their set. Those in attendance seem a little restless, but when the opening chords to triple j’s Hottest 100 entry Hangin’ On are plucked, the crowd erupts. This is the song they came to hear.

One fan is so emotionally and physically moved that once the song is over, Grossi investigates her well-being and jokingly questions if acid is to blame. Grossi interacts with the audience throughout the set, praising the weather, the festival’s location and ‘crazy gingers’ like him.

Active Child finishes up an emotive set that has showcased the powerful bellow of Grossi’s voice. Grossi thanks the crowd and offers some parting advice, “Don’t pass out. Don’t do drugs.”

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