Nailsworth With: End Over End, Zenith, The Electric Syndicate – Cat & Fiddle Hotel 20th June 2008

Punters at the Cat and Fiddle were treated to a dazzling display of musicianship from 4 bands with a common thread – A talent & passion for their craft.

The night started with The Electric Syndicate 3 guys with an obvious passion for great rock & roll. Brendan sang brilliantly while showing his dexterity on guitar. Rob played the double bass like an extension of his arms, putting everything into his performance including backing vocals, while Chris provided solid rhythm. They kept the heads in the room boucing with an admirable blend of originals and covers. Well done guys, keep developing your sound & working the business & the fans will follow.

Following them was Zenith ASP, all the way from Alice Springs. 4 guys who like to take their shirts off. Their Rock/Roots energetic show was marred only slightly when Jayden the singer/guitarist blew a fuse in his Mesa amp, but he quickly swapped it for one from the next band andgot right back to rocking, with the voice of a star performer. Evan played the bass like a demon, floating his fingers over the strings like they weren’t even touching them, providing backing vocals & entertaining stage antics. Aaron played percussion with the hands of a pro, adding the perfect touches to Joey’s powerhouse display on the drums, prompting even the bar manager to comment on how good the sound was. Keep an eye out for these guys, the lead singer of the last band put it right by saying “Zenith are destined for something big”. Thanks guys, well done.

3rd spot belonged to End over End. Travelling all the way from the Southern Highlands, these talented, passionate young songwriters put on a tight set of great songs. They were being recorded live by Redeeming Features Entertainment, so they had to put on a good show. By jove did they ever. End over end, another band with greatness in them.

Headlining this talented night of music was Nailsworth – A seasoned 4 piece pop/rock/blues outfit, playing a solid acoustic rhythm with soaring vintage lead breaks and subtle vocal harmonies. Each hook-filled Nailsworth song tells a story that contains a deeper message, which can be heard by the intuitive listener, and each gig is designed to encourage, uplift and inspire. Paul’s deep resonating voice & rhythm guitar work added just the right amount of colour, Greg played lead guitar with an obvious awareness of the music & the artists around him, while Anthony provided bass lines with precision timing & teamed up well with Darren on the drums to keep each song kicking. Great set guys, a thoroughly enjoyable sound.

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