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The Fratellis – The Tivoli, Brisbane 03/04/14

Sydneysiders Jenny Broke The Window wandered sheepishly about the stage, shuffling through the dimly lit setup to greet the crowd. There were four of the five members onstage. Todd, we soon learnt, had found himself on a delayed flight, with the remaining members deciding that the show must go on.

Right from the start, their super-pop sound was upbeat and infectious, familiar yet unique in execution, and more complex than your average pop ballads, with heart and surprising soul. Their timing too proved impeccable, with Todd diving onstage for the final song.

The enraptured crowd shared an ‘Oh, I’ve heard this before!’ moment as Rum N’ Cola blasted through the speakers. It’s not easy to steal focus from a main act, but Jenny Broke The Window had everyone in the moment, enjoying the support as much as they anticipated the following act.

The Fratellis then bursted onto the stage. The brotherly trio and the fourth on keys strutted to their places like seasoned rockstars. The crowd reached fever pitch as they plunged straight into This Old Ghost Town from their latest LP, We Need Medicine.

Howls of excitement broke through the opening notes and already the lads proved on top of their game, as if no time had passed since they last graced Australian stages. Flathead flowed seamlessly onwards, as enthralled fans screeched through the lyrics, bringing a smile to lead vocalist Jon Fratelli’s face. While the band are entirely present and electrifying, the real treasure of a Fratellis show lies in the band’s intoxicating back catalogue.

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Photos by Charlyn Cameron

Onwards it became a battle of albums, with each standing tall and throwing equally devastating punches to appear in the setlist. The band made it known that they were there to salute their latest offering, though all in attendance knew that it was the older, more familiar songs that first gathered their collective hearts and drove them to The Tivoli tonight. As the commotion stirred by Henrietta and Whistle For The Choir threatened the security barricade, hands flailed through the air and cries competed with the growls of the Fratelli brothers.

The band soon bid their farewells, but fooled no one, as there was one very distinctive golden star on their setlist that the crowd had yet to hear. Back in no time after a check of guitars and a restock of Jon’s pick assembly, which he’d mowed through as if they were Pringles, the foursome regrouped and, visibly chuffed, dove straight into the next wave of hits.

At first, their rendition of Dion’s Runaround Sue was pleasantly surprising. Given their admiration of the strong-tongued vixen, it made perfect sense. Finally, the initial drumming of Chelsea Dagger floated out from the stage, and the audience kicked into gear.

Jumping, fist-pumping, screaming fans threw themselves forward, as the trio wailed into their microphones. It was a slick rendition, with all the cheek of the original single released many years ago. With that, A Heady Tale was the true goodnight, and the band gave their sincere thanks to the admiring gig-goers, who got all they bargained for and more.

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