13 Acts Australia Should Send To Eurovision (But Probably Won’t)

UPDATE 05/03/15: Australia’s first Eurovision Song Contest entrant has been announced.

It’s happened, we’re in, Australia’s going to Eurovision. Geographical concerns aside, the dream is somehow now a reality and the guessing game has begun as to who will represent the green and gold come May 23rd.

SBS have confirmed they are in talks with production partner Blink TV to decide who our contestant will be. The deadline for participating countries to declare their performer is March 16th, which means we’re just weeks away from finding out who exactly that is.

We know who will most likely end up going, but what about the acts that Australia should, but probably won’t send to Austria for our one-off wildcard entry in the Eurovision 2015 grand final?

From beloved national icons to rising stars in the local music scene to defunct bands hopefully making a comeback, we’ve complied some suggestions in the gallery below.

Who Australia Should But Probably Won’t Send To Eurovision

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