2 Chainz Arrested, Narcotics Discovered Following 8-Hour Stand-Off

2 Chainz was reportedly arrested last night in Oklahoma following an eight hour stand-off, after his tour bus was pulled over for a broken tail-light and the rapper and his posse refused to let the po-po on board.

The cops suspected the We Own It performer and his boys of drug use, but the crew refused to let the police on the vehicle. Oklahoma City Police Department Sergeant Jennifer Wardlow told the stand-off started at midnight:

“When officers went up to bus and made contact with the driver, there was evidence of drug usage going on the bus. We’re not getting into specifics of what it was, but it was apparent to the officers that there was drug use going on the bus. The driver was taken into custody without any problem. When he got out and shut the door, it locked so the officers couldn’t get into the tour bus.

“The decision was made to tow the bus to our police training facility and obtain a warrant. It was about 8 a.m. Oklahoma time when they were able to get a warrant, and it was at that time that all the people who were on the bus came off.”

2 Chainz and 10 of his crew were all taken to the cop shop and charged with obstructing an officer.
Wardlow has since released a statement saying that drugs were in fact found and more charges may be coming, saying, “After speaking with investigators I learned that some narcotics were found. An investigation will be conducted to try to determine ownership. Charges could be filed at a later date.”

This isn’t 2 Chainz’s first run-in with the law in relation to drugs – far from it, in fact. The rapper was reportedly arrested at LAX back in June after marijuana and promethazine were discovered in his checked-in luggage, after being shot at and reportedly robbed outside a medical marijuana dispensary that same month.


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