Over 23K Surveyed People Think The NSW Government’s Handling Of Lockout Laws Is “Inadequate” At Best

The results of two recent surveys on Sydney’s controversial lockout laws run by lifestyle network The Socialites have been released. According to the results, the majority of survey respondents believe that the laws are unjustified and that the government’s handling of the situation has been, so far, largely inadequate.

The release of the results is timely, given their proximity to the most recent Reclaim The Streets protests last weekend, in which protesters placed a giant turd out the front of Sydney casino The Star.

The survey asks for opinions on a variety of facets of the laws, covering questions on takeaway alcohol bans, bans on shots and pre-mixes, as well as licencing restrictions, last drinks and 1:30am lockout. Related factors are also included in the study, with respondents overwhelmingly voting for all venues having the same laws and that the substitute for laws being removed should be a combination of a higher police presence and higher penalties for law-breaking patrons.

Other questions to produce an unambiguous “yes” response from those surveyed included whether public transport should run later and/or all night, that the public should be able to vote directly on the laws, and that the laws should apply to all age groups.

Although the majority of respondents were in the 25-34 age bracket, the survey points out too that this accurately matches the demographic of those living, working and visiting the CBD, and thus those who the laws most closely impact.

So far there have been over 25 thousand participants across both surveys. The surveys are still running and can be completed at The Socialites website.

Gallery: Reclaim The Streets Rally, 19/03/16 / Photos: Brandon Matich

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