360 Announces New Album ‘VINTAGÆ MØDERN’, Updates Fans On His Mental Health

Melbourne rapper 360 (real name Matthew Colwell) has announced that he has a new album on the way called VINTAGÆ MØDERN, having already demoed a bunch of new songs for the release. He’s also given fans an update on his mental health.

Taking to Twitter today, Colwell says he has demoed 26 new songs for his next album, and is now trying to cull his list of new tracks.

“It’s been a difficult process to choose which songs to cut from the album and which ones to keep,” he says.

“I’m making progress and the ball is rolling. I love all 26 of those initial songs so the 9 that don’t make the cut will still be used, so get ready for a lot of new music to start dropping consistently over the coming months.

“I’m so excited about one song in particular called ‘Tiny Angel’ which I think is the best song I’ve ever done – I really can’t wait to get everything out but that song particularly gives me a semi.”

Earlier this month, Colwell took to Facebook to say he was still deciding between two possible titles for his new album — VINTAGÆ MØDERN or The Art Of Taking Life — but now he seems to have decided that it will be the former, not the latter.

“The album will be called VINTAGÆ MØDERN,” he says. “#YouHeardItHereFirst.”

Colwell has also updated fans on his mental health, saying that he has been told by medical experts that he has bipolar depression, and isn’t unipolar with “an extreme case of ADD” like he thought he was.

“Now being told I have bipolar depression which at first I was in denial about because I didn’t believe I suffered from mania, but after observing my behaviour and moods I’ve realised I actually am clearly manic at times,” he says.

“I’m okay with this too! It’s not bad news or anything, it’s actually good because I can now move forward with the right treatment and therapy, I’ll be able to manage this illness properly.

“After extensive therapy with a psychologist I’ve also learnt where everything all stems from. Whilst I am open about my addiction and mental health issues, the deep reasons why are not something I’m prepared to share publicly. Maybe one day but if I’m in a fragile state of mind or having an episode, the subject can be enough to snap me.

“With that said I’ve been generally quite well. Have had some moments but nothing too crazy for a while now. Now to the music!!!”

Colwell released his latest album as 360, Utopia, back in 2014. Catch all of his tweets about VINTAGÆ MØDERN and his mental health, below.

For help or information regarding mental health, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.

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