6 WTF Moments From This Low-Budget, Unauthorised Chinese Tupac Movie Trailer

A super-confusing trailer for a new Chinese Tupac movie called Until The End Of Time has been released upon the unsuspecting world, and it’s the most bonkers biopic teaser we’ve seen in a long time.

The film, which is set for release in 2016, is about a college student in China who decides to learn about the late rapper for an ‘American Civil Rights and Activism’ project, but ends up in some very weird and confusing shit.

Here’s how the film’s creators describe the situation which unfolds:

“In choosing Renascence [sic] man Tupac Shakur, he finds himself learning more than expected. After meeting a former girlfriend of Mr. Shakur in China, things take a turn from just another class project to a life changing event.”

With the student appearing to audition for The Voice and Tupac’s life being reconstructed through fake interview flashbacks, this trailer is the weirdest thing you’ll watch today. Here are its six biggest WTF moments:

1. The College Tutor’s Moustache

until the end of time screen 1 source youtube

“Contact her and tell her I’m livin’ the thug life.”

2. Why Is Tupac’s Former GF’s Place So Dark?

until the end of time screen 2 source youtube

“Yo, um, I’m scared.”

3. Tupac’s ‘Hotline Bling’ Dance Moves

until the end of time cover image source youtube

“It can only mean one thing” — Tupac did it first.

4. The Dramatic ‘Inception’-Like Music

It sounds less like the soundtrack to a uni student’s project about Tupac and more like what Leo heard just before he took that bathtub kick back into reality — which is exactly how this trailer makes you feel; like you’ve just woken up from a ridiculous dream (sans Leo).

inception bathtub gif



until the end of time screen 4 source youtube


6. Does The Main Character Get Shot Just For Being A Tupac Fan?

until the end of time screen 5 source youtube

If so, maybe those two dudes in uniform are just huge Biggie fans…

Catch the uber-confusing Until The End Of Time trailer below, and someone plz come up with a drinking game for the movie ahead of its release.

Tupac’s edge has been eroded many times, of course, including when those unintentionally amusing tunes were put together for the Tupac-inspired musical Holler If Ya Hear Me, so let’s just pray the world’s need to jump on the Tupac bandwagon wears off soon.

Watch: ‘Until The End Of Time’ Trailer #1

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