7 News Cops It After Calling Nangs A “Dangerous New” Festival Craze

7 News is copping it online after calling the use of nitrous oxide or ‘nangs’ at music festivals a “dangerous new craze”, with punters calling out the broadcaster for suggesting the gas is only a recent addition to Australia’s music and party scene.

In her report for 7 News Melbourne, reporter Jackie Quist calls nangs/bulbs/laughing gas/nitrous oxide “the latest craze at dance parties and music festivals”.

“The effects are frightening, with doctors warning the possible consequences include brain damage and heart attack,” Quist says in her report, which can be viewed in full, below.

Quist also notes how easy it can be to purchase nangs online, and says that police are investigating websites on which the gas is available for purchase.

Since the nangs news report was broadcast, almost 10,000 comments have been posted to the video on the 7 News Melbourne Facebook page, with many saying the story was out of touch with reality.

“This is certainly not a new craze, nor does it just occur at Melbourne parties — it’s all over the world,” posted one punter.

“New? LOL wow you’ll sensationalise anything,” wrote another, while one cluey individual posted, “Nitrous oxide is a dissociative drug which was discovered in 1772 and has been in common usage recreationally since the early 1800s.”

It’s true, nangs aren’t a new thing, and they’re not a secret — there’s even a song called Nangs on the latest Tame Impala album, Currents. That said, with police investigating online shops which sell nitrous oxide, one website featured in 7 News‘ story has distanced itself from “misuse” of the product.

In a statement posted to Facebook (below), Melbourne’s Nang City online store says it enforces a “strict policy regarding the misuse of nitrous oxide”. “If we suspect that you may abuse our products, we will not hesitate to add you to our banned customer database,” the store says.

Catch 7 News‘ nangs report below, alongside a selection of recent Facebook comments about the story.

Dangers of laughing gas party craze

Gas used by dentists is being inhaled at Melbourne parties in a dangerous new craze.Party-goers are risking permanent brain damage, or even death.7 News reporter Jackie Quist has the details, as police launch an investigation of online sites selling the gas.

Posted by 7 News Melbourne on Monday, 17 August 2015

Comments On 7 News Melbourne‘s Nangs Report (Via Facebook)

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There has been a lot of media attention today surrounding the sale of nitrous oxide. Contrary to media reports, we DO…

Posted by on Monday, 17 August 2015

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