82-Year-Old ‘America’s Got Talent’ Metalhead Will Join Drowning Pool Onstage This Week

Drowning Pool have come good on the invite to get the band’s oldest and potentially most dedicated fan John Hetlinger up on stage wit them. Hetlinger first stole our hearts as the kooky, old, fuddy-duddy Seppo up on stage flailing about to Drowning Pools opus Bodies and now he’s about to do it again.

Drowning Pool will be getting old mate up on stage with them during their set at the upcoming Chicago Open Air music festival. Apparently the band’s guitarist CJ Pierce hit up Hetlinger on Twitter (??) and received a positive response.

Appearing in a video confirming as much, Hetlinger seems pretty gosh darn stoked on himself:

“I am really amped up to see y’all when DROWNING POOL and I join you in Chicago this Friday afternoon for the Chicago Open Air festival. We are going to have a blast together — let the bodies hit the floor!”

Hetlinger is a former Navy pilot which kinda sorta adds a literal meaning to the song which makes me feel a little uncomfortable. The band will also be letting him have at their rider which is going to make for some funny / awkward moments later when he’s scheduled to appear at the band’s signing tent.

Upon learning of the octogenarian’s pastiche, the band took to socials to give it their blessing, telling fans that Hetlinger is invited to come up and perform with them anytime.

The band will be kicking off their first-ever Australian tour any day now, which couldn’t be more perfectly timed with how badly we want to hear the damn song now.

Watch: John Hetlinger: 82-Year-Old Singer Shocks the Room with Hard Rock Cover – America’s Got Talent 2016

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