82-Year-Old Heavy Metal Grandpa Returns To ‘America’s Got Talent’ For Another Metal AF Performance

America’s Got Talent appears to be getting the most out of their unlikely 82-year-old star John Hetlinger before he, well…parts ways with his relevance. The show has wheeled out the old duffer yet again, having the octogenarian belt out another heavy metal offering because that seems to be what the kids are into, now.

Hetlinger performed a geriatric rendition of Rob Zombie’s Dragula but as is always the case with rehashing your viral statement (a la Corey Worthington’s other party), it hasn’t gone down as well with people who concern themselves with such things. Although it seems as though the judges/crowd are still right into it.

You may remember earlier in the month, Hetlinger went viral as the crazy old man screaming Drowning Pool’s Bodies and was then invited to perform the song with the band. However this time round, as pointed out by Blabbermouth, the vibe seems to be that without the backing of such an anthem, it’s just “an old man screaming.”

Speaking to the Denvor Post, Hetlinger revealed that he cut his teeth in the karaoke bars of Albuquerque. “I have no idea what it means. I have no idea what the words mean. I have no idea at all.”

However that surely won’t deter a rush release of compilations, anthologies and curated exercise playlists that Hetlinger is sure to be contractually locked in for.

WATCH: John Hetlinger Covers Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” – America’s Got Talent 2016

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