Watch 9-Year-Old America’s Got Talent Contestant Crush Heavy AF Spirtbox Track ‘Holy Roller’

A 9-year-old contestant has shocked America with a crushing rendition of Spirtbox’s ‘Holly Roller’ on America’s Got Talent.

Harper who hails from Somerset, UK appeared on the latest episode of the talent show, performing a cover of the Canadian alt-metal star’s signature track ‘Holy Roller’.  Watch Harper rip the track to shreds below.

The audience and judges weren’t the only ones equal parts shocked and impressed by Harper’s efforts, with Spiritbox themselves getting in on the action, inviting Harper to perform the song live with them at the Islington Academy overnight.

You can watch some fan footage of Harper performing with her idols below.

Canadian metal band Spiritbox are one of the hottest names in heavy music right now. Fronted by  Courtney LaPlante, who also serves as one-half of the band’s primary songwriting duo with her husband, guitarist Michael Stringer, the band’s unique hybrid of metallic styles, paranormal-infused visual aesthetic and marketing nous have catapulted them to the brink of superstardom. Thanks to the strength of  ‘Holy Roller’, ‘Blessed Be’, ‘Constance’ and ‘Circle With Me’, the band’s debut album, Eternal Blue dropped in September 2021, shooting up the charts and earning critical acclaim. Last year we spoke to vocalist Courtney LaPlante about the different meanings of the word ‘heavy’ in modern music and the band’s dizzying ascent. During the interview, LaPlante affirmed that she’d love to help push other women to “the forefront of the industry”, stating that despite her success with Spiritbox her “work has just begun”.

It has clearly had an impact already on Harper, who now has the attention of the US TV audience and the memory of a lifetime shared with her favourite band.

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