Watch The 82 Year-Old Screaming Man Jump Up On Stage With Drowning Pool

It finally happened! The 82 year-old metalhead made famous through America’s Got Talent has jumped up on stage with metal band Drowning Pool for a slamming rendition of Bodies.

After John Hetlinger went viral with his American’s Got Talent performance the band invited him to perform with them and while it’s taken over a month to eventuate, they finally collaborated at a Drowning Pool gig in Chicago.

The former Navy pilot seemed like he enjoyed every minute of it, looking as comfortable as you would expect any rock star to look on stage.

He left the stage by telling the crowd, “let the bodies hit the floor,” before giving the devil’s hands to the crowd as they howled for the viral star.

It’s been a pretty wild ride for Hetlinger. His America’s Got Talent audition has worked up eight million views taking him from a pub hero to a worldwide phenomenon.

“I didn’t know two and a half thousand in the audience would react the same way that 30 drunks in the bar do, but they did!” he told KUSA recently about his newfound fame.

“Everybody seems to think it’s great that an old man is screaming ‘let the bodies hit the floor!'”

It appears the band think it’s just as great, asking him to join them once again for an encore in Chicago this weekend.

The band will be kicking off their first-ever Australian tour next week, although it’s unlikely that Hetlinger will make the trip too.

Watch: Drowning Pool – Bodies (With John Hetlinger in Chicago)

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