90s Come Back No. 8576 – Aaron Carter

Whether it be the recent resurgence of his 1997 smash hit cover of Crush on You via Nero, or the recent hype surrounding the return of a much greyer Backstreet Boys (containing older bro Nick Carter. Queue the annoying younger brother line ‘Can I come too?’) Something, somewhere along the lines has convinced one-time teen heartthrob sensation Aaron Carter to put down the crack pipe and pick up the mic.

The troubled child star experienced a Bieber-eqsue rise to fame, releasing his full-length album in 1997, though it was not long after that his career hit a wall, and on the way down he found drugs. Carter, however, has since picked himself up, landed a position in the Broadway musical The Fantasticks and is now ready to tackle a new album.

“My goal is to get it out by December, which probably won’t happen because I am being so critical on myself. I want the best,” the now 24-year-old told the New York Post in a recent interview according to Ninemsn. “I am notorious for being a bad boy. I am more of a sophisticated one now, but I am still bad.” **rolls eyes** I bet he’ll rap on it.

Surely we are starting to run out of 90’s acts to bring back as we are really scraping the barrel with this. Smash Mouth, Aqua, Backstreet Boys, sure. I get it, it’s kinda funny, kinda nostalgic. But Aaron Carter? No. Twitter will not be kind to you.

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