A Metallica Cover By Nickelback Is Going Viral And It Actually Doesn’t Suck

An old video of Nickelback covering Metallica‘s ‘Sad But True’ at Germany’s Rock AM Ring wayyy back in 2004 has resurfaced and gone viral because, well, it’s kinda… good?

Like, we’re seriously struggling to make fun of it you guys.

After being posted by Vintage Heavy Metal on Facebook (it’s since been deleted, probably for copyright reasons), the clip of Chad ‘Paddlepop Lion’ Kroeger & co jamming on the Black Album classic has really struck a power chord with fans, who seem to be as dumbfounded as we are at the extent to which it does. not. actually. suck.

It seems Nickelback take their Metallica very seriously, which is understandable considering their recent music sounds very much inspired by Hetfield & co.

If you haven’t heard it already, see what you make of Nickelback’s ‘Sad But True’ cover below.


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