Nickelback Pillage TikTok With Viral Sea Shanty Version Of ‘Rockstar’

Nickelback have dropped anchor on TikTok with a sea shanty that’s gone more viral than yellow fever, as their seemingly unstoppable surge in self-meme driven popularity continues to rage like the foamy wrath of Poseidon.

After recently winning the internet with an ad that takes the full piss out of frontman Chad Kroeger’s two minute noodle-like hair, they’ve now jumped on board a viral trend on TikTok that sees modern hits reimagined as oldy timey songs of the sea, looting themselves over a million views in the process.

The ‘Back apparently saw a golden opportunity when another band, Lottery Winners, shared their own adaptation of ‘Rockstar’ as part of the trend early last week.

Wasting no time, they promptly reached out to the group with an offer to join forces and take the sea shanty rendition of their 2005 hit to the next level.

Not only did they add Kroeger’s unmistakable vocals into the mix, they also upped the ante on the seaside-themed visuals, including footage of Captain Kroeger himself performing onboard a vessel.

Lottery Winners, for their part, were stoked.

“Played Nickelback – How You Remind Me at my first ever gig in 2001,” they wrote on Twitter. “20 years later and I’m doing a collab sea shanty with them. Life is weird.”

Watch their viral rendition of Rockstarrrrr below.

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