A Music Festival Celebrating The Goon Sack Is Coming To Sydney

The goon bag: a symbol to many Australians of youth, joy, hope, house parties and booting all over your friend’s backyard. The shiny silver bag of alcoholic glory is a cherished national icon and is finally getting a proper salute in the form of new Sydney music event Boxfest.

‘Boxfest: A Festival of the Goon Bag’ will be taking place in a matter of weeks at Sydney’s newest centre for cheap wine celebration, The Lord Gladstone Hotel, featuring a stellar lineup which includes “Yalumba, Stanley, Berry and Romano casks” which may well be the festival bill of all festival bills.

Oh, yeah, I think there’ll be music there as well courtesy of Money For Nothing DJs, but let’s focus more on the culinary offerings; cheese and cabanossi plates. Cheese and cabanossi plates, you guys! La dee da Mr. French man!

For a measly $1 you can score yourself a Wine Tasting Ticket, which sounds like a disaster waiting to happen aka sign me up for some spout-to-mouth goodness. The gig takes place Sunday 5th of July from 2pm. You can grab all the deets on the Facebook event page here.

See you all under the Hills Hoist for a solid round of Goon of Fortune, mates.


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