Abel&Tell Crack The Viral Formula

Every band these days is trying to jump on the viral bandwagon. An overwhelming majority of them leave us with either a headache, feeling noxious or just plain yawning. But every now and then a band like Sydney’s Abel&Tell absolutely nail it and create something that’s simple yet genius, and that everyone will want to see.

The trend was really kicked off by OK Go! who released a series of clips with viral potential, but none like that treadmill one. Even my dad knew about those guys after that clip. Now, what Abel&Tell have done is a whole new animal altogether.

What very well could have started off as a great idea to meet girls, the concept of 500 girls 1 iPad was the crux of the clip. Rather than just having the clip shown normally, why not show it on an iPad that will be held by 500 different girls? said someone at some point, and here we are. The clip was directed masterfully by Orrin Hastings who managed to pull off the idea with a very professional and tasteful finish, no doubt using that solid collection of Apple products.

Take a look at the clip for Abe&Tell – One Shot Stop Motion With 500+ Girls! It’s SFW, trust us. See if you can spot any of your friends! I can’t, but I don’t really have friends. Sigh.

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