Mullet-Sporting Queensland Punk Band Goes Viral With Song About Smoko

Move over Courtney Barnett and The Smith Street Band, Australia has some new champions of homegrown working class punk poetry.

Meet The Chats, a group of unapologetically bogan pub-punks from The Sunny Coast whose A+ new tune ‘Smoko’ is going more viral than ya best mate’s genital herpes.

Featuring such dynamite lyrics as “It was there I spied the bloke / perched atop of his milk crate throne / he eyed me off as I approached / and then he said ‘I’m on SMOKO, so leave me alone'”, the dank song’s pisser of a video clip was released back in October, but went gangbusters on the internet this week after viral content page Instant Regret dubbed it “the most Aussie song ever” and shared it online, swiftly racking up over 18K likes and almost 7K shares.

And The Chats’ fellow Aussies are definitely vibing it hard, with commentary ranging from “absolute banger” to “should be on the Hottest 100” to “Jeez Bronson sure grew up from the lighthouse days”.

Someone get triple J on the blower about these guys, stat. Should be right up their alley.

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