Adelaide Zoo Could Launch A Silent Disco

Ever had the urge to boogie with some pandas? Or giraffes? Or meerkats? Or a hell of a lot of other animals for that matter?  Well, your fantasy could be about to come true.

Triple j reports that Adelaide Zoo is considering hosting a late-night silent disco, in an effort to attract new visitors and raise some much-needed funds for the cash-strapped tourist attraction.

Adelaide Zoo CEO Elaine Bensted told ABC radio that the idea first came up during a staff brainstorm, after the success of similar events at zoos in London and San Francisco.

“People can look at the animals, and they can listen to the music, and they can dance if they wish, but they are doing it through headphones,” she said. “There is absolutely no disturbing of the animals.”

Silent Discos first started showing up at UK music festivals in the early 2000s. Over the last few years, they’ve also popped up at local festivals, including Soundscape in Tasmania and the Big Day Out.

Mrs Bensted told triple j that no decision has been made yet, but so far, the Zoo has been overwhelmed by the public’s interest in a potential event.

Add me to that list – the opportunity to bounce along to tunes while Wang Wang and Funi (the Zoo’s giant pandas) scoff some bamboo sounds pretty funky to me. Watch this space.

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