Against Me! Singer Laura Jane Grace Accidentally Shatters Teeth Onstage

Against Me! vocalist Laura Jane Grace had a couple of her teeth shattered when a microphone was accidentally kicked into her mouth during a recent gig at the Soapbox in Wilmington, North Carolina. According to Spinner, the unfortunate incident occurred when a crowd surfer collided with Graces’ microphone stand.

A report by Punk News suggests that the crowd surfer was part of an onstage invasion from a handful of overeager audience members. One fan who did not rush the stage was Matt Herzog, who posted the following comment on the band’s Facebook page:

I seriously fucking apologize on behalf of those douchebags that stormed the stage and stopped the show tonight. Please don’t think we’re all anything like those few assholes. Up until that point you guys were beyond sick. Ever since I heard the news in the summer I’d been waiting to see Laura and it was insanely surreal. I hope she’s okay and I hope you guys can still come back in the future.

As noted in the above comment, the injuries Grace sustained cut short Against Me!’s set. Grace took to her Twitter account to assure fans that she was OK but is not looking forward to the dental surgery required to repair her teeth. Still, Grace maintained her sense humour in a final tweet about the accident, “I’m gonna start a kickstarter to get a diamond grill like Kanye”

Music Feeds sends our well wishes and a slightly belated Happy Birthday to Laura Jane.

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