Against Me! Frontwoman, Laura Jane Grace Announces Once-Off Show At Philadelphia’s Four Seasons Total Landscaping

It feels like a lifetime since the small Philadelphia hardware store, Four Seasons Total Landscaping first entered our worlds. But now, Laura Jane Grace from Against Me! has announced she’ll be playing a once-off show at the iconic venue.

If you’ve already forgotten what the deal was with Four Seasons Total Landscaping, because of *gestures to the world news cycle* then let us refresh you.

In November of last year, following Joe Biden’s election win, the then-President, Donald Trump announced he’d be holding a press conference at the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia.

But, it was not the Four Seasons hotel that was booked for the presser. It was instead, Four Seasons Total Landscaping — a hardware store nestled in between a crematorium and a sex store.

An iconic moment obviously. Now, Laura Jane Grace has announced a solo show in front of the store.

The company’s Director of Operations said they’d been entertaining the idea of a concert for a little while.

“It’s a musical experience, but also, I guess for people who — I can’t believe I’m saying this — but who are fans of Four Seasons Total Landscaping,” said Siravo.

“They kind of get to see the ins and outs of it.”

Laura Jane Grace will play alongside Brendan Kelly.

“It’s truly gonna be the greatest story ever told, folks,” he tweeted. “This time with twice as much landscaping.”

The show, which will go ahead on Saturday, 21st August sold out in 17 minutes.

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