Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace Slams “Out Of Control” U.S. Gun Laws

Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace has expressed her distain with United States gun culture. The vocalist has also discussed the fact that attacks now seem to be happening within the entertainment world, something she describes as “so fucking terrifying.”

In a brand new interview with Rolling Stone, Grace denounced the massacre at an Orlando nightclub, which left 49 people dead and many more injured, as  “completely fucked up” explaining to Rolling Stone just how much the news rocked her.

Grace described the Orlando massacre as well as the shooting death of The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie and the attack at The Bataclan in France,  as “terrifying” and “alarming”.

“You’d ideally want to think that venues and shows and clubs, places where people are going to dance and celebrating and enjoying life would be the safe place, but it’s clearly not. To think that whatever crazy fucking religious wars or whatever wars are happening out there are leaking into those areas, it’s so fucking terrifying.”

Grace lays a majority of the blame on the US’s loose gun control laws which give civilians access to all forms of assault weapons. “Don’t you think this is fucking a little bit out of control that they have that fucking access to weapons?’ And for what?”

While banning shows and live entertainment is clearly out of the question, Grace is at a loss as to what will make live entertainment feel safe again…

“The idea of heightened security, of metal detectors or body scans before you can go into a place like that to enjoy yourself just seems so fucking New World Order and crazy to me, too. I don’t know what the solution is, other than gun control, frankly. It’s insane.”

The punk rock maven had been very vocal of late, recently burning her birth certificate on stage to protest North Carolina’s backwards ‘Bathroom Bill’. Grace explains that she has noticed a growing sense of fear that seems to be spreading.

“I feel that fever spreading between everything that’s happening with the election and so many other talking points, even with North Carolina’s [bathroom bill]. You really feel that tension and divide. It’s evident where you look at where the election and who the candidates are and how far right or far left it might be.”

Grace was asked for what advice she would give to live music fans, whose sanctuary has now been rocked. At a loss for words, she concludes “there’s nothing you can tell someone other than fucking survive.”

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