AJ Maddah On Soundwave 2016 “It’s all about better bands and longer sets.”

UPDATE 17/12/15 5.50pm: Soundwave 2016 has been officially cancelled.

Ever the tweet-fiend, Soundwave head honcho AJ Maddah has taken to his Twitter account overnight to release another couple of juicy tidbits about next year’s edition of Australia’s favourite heavy music festival, discussing the focus on allowing for longer sets from bands.

Tweeting at 7.30pm on Saturday night (because, why not?) AJ announced that 30 minute sets would be no more, and that organisers’ current focus is on a putting together a smaller lineup with bigger bands.

Maddah also confirmed that, although this essentially means a tighter lineup then previous years, that the dollar spend on artists will remain the same, meaning bigger bands allowed to flesh out their performances in longer sets.

After unveiling the first official act on the 2016 Soundwave lineup earlier this week as Welsh metal titans Bullet For My Valentine, AJ also dropped some more lineup information during his Twitter session last night, ruling out bands L7 and Babes In Toyland with a succinct “Both are amazing bands which I love. Not at #SW16 though.”


It also looks like the Soundwave 2016 lineup is pretty much finalised, although there is room for a handful of more smaller artists to join, with AJ telling a fan they’re waiting for the headliners to tell them how long they want to play for before they figure out how much space is left.

The next official lineup announcement for SW16 is due “in the first week of September” which was foretold by none other then AJ himself, via, you guessed it, his Twitter account. As always, praise be to @iamnotshouting.

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