AJ Maddah Says Europe’s Sonisphere Festival Could Also Be Expanding To Australia

Director of the now defunct Soundwave Festival AJ Maddah has just dropped a bombshell on Twitter by suggesting that European touring festival Sonisphere may join Download festival in expanding to Australia.

Coming after this morning’s news that the UK mega-festival was potentially looking to expand, the prospect of two such established global festival brands might be calling Australia home soon has festival lovers more than a little excited.

Also noting that with the addition of Soundwave replacement festival Legion we stand to possibly see three new festivals in the Australian market this year, he also gave a breakdown of our chances of seeing one or all them in the comments. “100% certain we will see at least one, with a 50% we’ll see two and 25% all three”, his statistics nevertheless bear the numerical neatness you expect to see when someone is speculating wildly. Which wouldn’t be the first time.

Writing in response to Twitter user Kim Bee’s comment that ‘an Aus-owned fest would have been nice’, AJ gave a candid and honest, if a little cynical answer. Aus owned mega festivals are near impossible now. Global buying power will beat locals every time,” he wrote.

There were no other details given in the tweet. And while music fans were bombarding him with tweets to ‘tell us more’, AJ simply responded with ‘more’.

Anyway there is still plenty to get excited about. With Iron Maiden headlining this year’s Sonisphere event in Italy and Metallica and Faith No More playing last year, that ‘global buying’ power AJ is talking about looks like it could deliver some amazing line-up for us.

Fingers crossed.

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