All Members Of Pantera Were On Killers List, Says Police Intel

It’s rare these days that we get updates on the situation behind the death of Dimebag Darrell. Despite previously stating that he wants to leave the past in the past, Phil Anselmo has shed more light on what went down that fateful night, and it’s some scary shit – all band members were on the killer’s hit list.

According to Noise Creep, Anselmo apparently spoke with police on the night of the shooting: “they told me clearly, that after an investigation and going back to the murderer’s apartment and digging through his notes that he had taken and threats and death threats that he had written down, that any one of us were targets”.

Anselmo also discovered that had one of his outfits been performing on the same stage that Damageplan were, he could have been the target of the shooting. He added “Not that it made me feel any better – it did not, it did not make me feel better at all.”

Surely something that he will never in his life forget, Anselmo has also voiced his discomfort with internet warriors pipping on a subject “that they knew nothing about, really”. Placing most of the blame on today’s media, Anselmo concluded “anything to stir the pot was…they most certainly did that.”

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