Police Officer Who Responded To Dimebag Darrell Shooting Still Haunted 12-Years On

Local Columbus news station WBNS-10TV has looked at detail into a 2004 nightclub massacre in their own city that resulted in the death of metal icon and guitar god Dimebag Darrell Abbott. The feature includes an interview with Jim Niggemeyer, the first response officer who confronted and took down the gunman.

The officer recalled the horrors he witnessed on the night at Alrosa Villa on December 8th, revealing just how much confusion and fear added to the situation. After entering the venue with very little intel, he was confronted by gunman Nathan Gale who had taken a hostage.

“He put the gun up to the hostage’s head and I just stopped where I was and shot him,” he explains.

Unfortunately by that stage, four people had already been killed, including Dimebag who was on stage performing with his band Damageplan when the shooting started.

Niggemeyer has revealed that even though the shooting is now 12-years behind him, he still suffers from the events. He lost his job soon after due to PTSD and is currently taking a stand against his state’s attitude towards mental injuries sustained in the line of duty.

The show also included a series of never-before-seen, and grim AF photos from the night which you can view here.

Watch footage from WBNS-10TV’s report here below.

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