Amy Winehouse Biopic A Possiblity

Diffuser has reported that a film based on the life of Amy Winehouse could some day become a reality. When speaking with The Associated Press, Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse said he was open to the idea of a biopic about his daughter provided it is handled in an accurate and tasteful manner.

“Whatever we do we have to make sure it’s done in good taste… We don’t want a sensationalized movie going out, you know, but equally there’s no point in sort of massaging the fact that Amy was an alcoholic and drug addict; no point in pretending that didn’t happen,” Mr Winehouse explained.

A year has gone by since the unfortunate death of Amy Winehouse, who passed away from alcohol poisoning in her London home at the age of 27 on July 23, 2011. Since that time Mitch Winehouse has worked to preserve the legacy of his daughter, launching The Amy Winehouse Foundation in the UK this year and extending the foundation’s reach to the US in April.

Mitch also helped in the release of Amy’s posthumous record Lioness: Hidden Treasures and has discussed the possibility of bringing out one or two more albums, provided there is sufficient quality material.

In addition to the albums, Mitch also published a book titled Amy: My Daughter, the profits of which, as well as proceeds from Lioness: Hidden Treasures, have aided in the funding of the aforementioned Winehouse Foundation that seeks to help care for young people, especially those who are disadvantaged or suffer from any form of addiction.

Despite being so involved in bringing his daughter’s work and memory to her fans worldwide, Mitch has said he tries not to listen to Amy’s music or watch her videos as they serve as too painful a reminder of a life gone too soon.

“I can’t watch Amy on TV or listen to her songs, it’s really difficult,” Mitch told UK paper The Sun.

Amy’s family and friends observed the one-year anniversary of Amy’s death with the Jewish ritual yahrzeit before visiting one of Amy’s favorite jazz bars, Jazz After Dark.

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