Annandale Robbers Turn Themselves In To Police

After news publications and social networks simply blew up with CCTV footage and images of two youths breaking into the Annandale Hotel last weekend, two teenagers from the area have turned themselves into police.

Once the images made their way online clearly showing not only the two crook’s faces, but also vividly displaying their clothing, there would have been nowhere to hide. Yesterday, a 15-year-old male from Newtown turned himself into local police, and this morning a 14-year-old female from Balmain did the same, according to SMH.

It would appear that the grassroots campaign to find the two was massively successful, putting enough pressure on the thieves -who made off with only a couple of beers and a banana paddle pop ice-cream, but not before breaking a $5k cash register – to throw in the towel and turn themselves in. It is also believed that their parents are aware of the situation and helping where they can.

Detective Inspector Paul Pisanos spoke to SMH on the arrests, stating, “It’s certainly not the crime of the century but the stir-up from the media, social networking sites and the posting of the CCTV eventually, I think it’s fair to say, put the pressure on them that was required…”I think there was parental pressures as well. The positive aspect of it is that … unlike many [such] cases, the parents are aware and supporting their kids and helping resolve the matter with police.”

Pisanos also added that he believes the pair ‘acted on impulse’. “They aren’t career criminals by any means. Hopefully it is just a one-off thing.”

So I guess no one scores that slab of Carlton beer! Hopefully Police leave it up to the Rule bro’s to come up with a punishment, I’d say glassy duties for 12 months at least. No pay. Don’t fuck with The Dale.

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