Reclaim The Streets Festival Announced To Protest Sydney’s Lockout Laws

A street festival, Reclaim The Streets, is set to takeover Sydney’s lockout zone for one day to protest Sydney’s laws which lock punters out of clubs at 1.30am, close bottle-shops at 10pm and stop the service of alcohol after 3am.

Billed as a “multi-stage mobile party,” Reclaim The Streets will start at the Hyde Park fountain at 1pm on Sunday, 13th September and will move through the specified lockout zone with a host of DJs and local producers playing over 8 sound systems.

26 acts have been announced so far, headed by Magda Bytnerowicz and Simon Caldwell who have been champions of the Sydney clubbing scene for many, many years. More names are expected to be announced before the event.

“The lockout laws haven’t reduced alcohol-related violence. They’ve just moved the problem to Newtown and crippled our city’s nighttime economy,” said Reclaim the Streets spokesperson Jack London.

“We need smarter responses to this social and cultural problem than treating the entire state like children.”

The festival is also being used to promote issues larger than the lock-out laws too. It will also protest “the influence of money on policy” addressing “Property developers, casino owners, miners, road builders and bankers,” who “are tearing our city apart for their own gain.”

“We believe the city should be affordable, open and supportive of everyone who works, lives or plays here,” organisers added on the event page, while also sharing another 99 things protesters can dance for when they take to the streets. See those listed below.

The free festival is all set to go down this Sunday, 13th September from 1pm and will be family-friendly. Check-out the list of DJs and producers playing so far below.

99 things to dance for, via Reclaim The Streets

Staying out late
Dogs that are pets, not police tools
Re-fund women-run women’s services
A casual beer in the park, or walking down the street
World class museums
Affordable rent
Community space
Trains that go somewhere other than Central
Loud music
Live music
Sunrises with friends
Making your own mistakes
Dance floors without CCTV
Take-aways after 10pm
Self regulated spaces
Personal responsibility
24-hour trains
Turning private golf courses into public parks
Parties without paperwork
Dancing without permits
High streets instead of clearways
Breastfeeding on the dance floor
Decriminalisation of fun
Effective police oversight
Good jobs for young people
Homes for the homeless
Mixed neighbourhoods
Genuine artists markets
Street art
Breathable air
Sustainable living
Free ambulance rides
Cycle ways
Prioritising pedestrians over traffic
Pokies out of pubs
Sex positivity
An inclusive city/Australia
To Welcome Refugees
Recognise First Nations People
Support the tent embassy
Support public housing
Free the Nipple!
Celebrate Difference
Sexual and gender diversity
Funding disability services
Supporting Carers
Mental health awareness
Mental health service funding,
Smart response to violence
More parks and fewer roads
Home made and fair trade
Freedom of speech and association
Good governance
Decent working conditions
Ethical treatment of animals
Income and wealth equality
Strong social safety net
Free education and health care for all
Progressive taxation
Postering without fines
Presumption for bail
Music instead of threats from train station loudspeakers

Reclaim The Streets Lineup

Magda Bytnerowicz
Simon Caldwell
Peret Mako
Ant Steep
D & D (HAHA)

Deeper Than House:
Alec Bonnici

RPK Renegade System:
P.Smurf (Big Village)
Chemspew (RPK)
More TBA

Claude Money
More TBA

Ease Up HiFi:
Stevie Dub
Gunjo Discopants
Rik Sonic
Raffi Lovechild
Milky T
Roots Odyssey

Sveg Sound System:
Yung Fetta

Lab 5

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