Annie Lennox Frets Over London Riots

Former Eurythmics singer and well-known activist Annie Lennox is the latest to sound off over the London riots, with the 56-year-old urging the government to take swift action to restore order.

On her Facebook page (via ContactMusic) she wrote,”What’s happening in London and around many parts of the UK right now is appalling. I feel the need to comment on it, yet at the same time, realise that what I have to say is pretty much irrelevant.

“The main priority right now has to be to regain order from this wanton mindless mayhem. A social cancer has been growing for all sorts of complex reasons for so many years … There are no straightforward answers, but people must be protected against this feral criminality that has absolutely no justification whatsoever. So depressing.”

At the weekend Morrissey took the opportunity at a concert to lay the blame for the riots squarely at the feet of Prime Minister David Cameron. Another to weigh in was of the Black Eyed Peas, who tweeted, “London please #stoptheriots…your city and country is to wonderful [sic]… don’t cause anymore financial problems by burning down london…”

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