Yep, Iggy Azalea & Azealia Banks Are Collaborating On New Music Now

Former beefing partners Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks have seemingly put their differences aside in order to collaborate on new music, confusing fans and music critics alike.

Aussie-born Azalea has taken to Snapchat to announce that she and Banks are collaborating on music for her upcoming new album Digital Distortion, despite the fact that a feud between the pair made headlines for years.

Iggy later took to Twitter to explain the reasons behind the surprising collab, saying, “I don’t expect you guys to understand why I would collaborate with someone who has publicly said they hope I die.

“This has been something extremely negative for so long, if there is a way to make it positive and also be creative together, I’m here for it.”

Azalea went on to chat with fans, telling them that she’s “just in a different place now”, while also revealing that she recently went through some personal hardship.

“I think it’s good for female rap,” she said. “Don’t expect you guys to love her, I disagree with her on tons [sic] & it may not last but I won’t know if I don’t try.

“Also I think females in rap need to really be unified to prosper. We need more collaborations to happen. And I have to treat others the way I’d wanna be treated and if nothing else doing that gives you good karma.

“I know everything that’s been said but you know what I really wish people would give me a second chance. I’m literally the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, period.

“I had a break down because of how much I was bullied by so many people, as well as going through personal shit that none of you know about.”

Iggy Azalea’s comments come after Azealia Banks posted a screenshot of a note supposedly written by Iggy last month, in which she she said she didn’t hate Banks:

The feud between Azalea and Banks has been one of the most public music beefs of recent years, and has seen Banks call Iggy “Igloo Australia” and a “wannabe black girl”, the release of diss tracks and even threats from hacking group Anonymous, all while Banks has also been criticised for homophobic and racially insensitive comments.

Azealia Banks is yet to publicly comment on her collaboration with Iggy Azalea, but you can peep Azalea’s tweets in full, below.

Digital Distortion is due out later this year, and will feature recent single ‘Switch’ and its predecessor ‘Mo Bounce’, in which Iggy says the word “bounce” 133 times.

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