Aphex Twin Shares Unreleased Tunes, And Music Created By His 6-Year-Old Son

Electronic pioneer Richard D James, aka Aphex Twin, has uploaded a collection of previously unheard songs to SoundCloud, alongside material he says was created by his six-year-old son.

In part one of a lengthy two-part interview with Noyzelab, James has shared music mapping his creative past. In the interview, James notes that the song Spectrum 48k Beats1q-Pbod (below) was written when he was only 15 or 16 years of age, while window peeper-pbod was made around 1987/1988.

James also used the interview to talk lots and lots of music tech, as well as conspiracy theories. It’s difficult to tell whether or not James is being completely honest, though, as he also states that he has imaginary children.

“My Russian girlfriend was flattered when I started pretending we were married, a lot of people now think we are married which is funny and we just play along with it most of the time, we had an imaginary wedding and have imaginary kids,” James said, before claiming that 9/11 was an inside job.

“I’m really, really sorry to all folks who might be reading this but if you believe the ridiculous story that is being pedaled about 9/11 from the mainstream media then you are absolutely gullible,” he said. “Not believing the mainstream media is very hard for some folk who have put their trust and faith in the state and press, breaking that faith will not be an easy process for many.”

The songs supposedly created by James’ son were apparently formed with no help from Dad. “I never showed him a thing, he worked it all out himself,” James said. “He is so advanced mainly because he is trying to keep up with his 8-year-old bro who is also going way deep into computers already, dunno where they get it from, it’s really exciting to see them start so young.”

Aphex Twin’s newly-shared music is available to stream and download below, alongside music created by his illusive “son”. Aphex Twin’s latest album, Syro, was released in September.

Listen: Aphex Twin – RDJ Barclays

Listen: Aphex Twin – fenix funk [early mix]

Listen: Aphex Twin – Barbican Pendulum

Listen: Aphex Twin – Spectrum 48k Beats1q-Pbod

Listen: Aphex Twin – window peeper-pbod

Listen: Aphex Twin – Avril Altdelay

Listen: Aphex Twin – Metz Pa Hat Break

Listen: Aphex Twin – Avril 14th Reversed Music Not Audio

Listen: Aphex Twin’s son – Up In The Rocks

Listen: Aphex Twin’s son – The Best Track

Listen: Aphex Twin’s son – Jiper

Listen: Aphex Twin’s son – Rock Up

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