Arcade Fire Troll Coachella Audience With Help Of Daft Punk

Since Arcade Fire started on their current album cycle for 2013’s Reflektor, tricks and mistaken identity has been a running theme of their performances. From a bait-and-switch Brooklyn gig, to an impostor band at Big Day Out, and now they’ve managed to punk an entire Coachella crowd.

Social media exploded on Sunday night when the Montreal art-rockers kicked off their scheduled headlining performance with a rendition of Daft Punk‘s Get Lucky and an appearance from two white-suited figures in pristine robot helmets, who stood shielded in a DJ booth for the performance.

While Coachella 2014 has been rife with guest stars and cameos, with everyone from Beyonce to Justin Bieber making an appearance, the “very special guests” that Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler brought up front may well have been notable musicians, but they certainly weren’t Daft Punk.

Of course that didn’t stop a lot of Coachella punters from going home thinking they’d just witnessed an onstage collaboration between Arcade Fire and Daft Punk, just check out some of the evidence below. According to The Hollywood Reporter, AF’s set did feature a guest spot from Beck.

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