Arcade Fire Vibe With James Murphy, Still At DFA Studios

Previously, Arcade Fire had mentioned that they would be collabbing with ex-LCD Soundsystem member James Murphy for “three or so songs”, but it looks as though the gang have gotten comfy in Murphy’s digs at DFA Studios, with a random tweet from the studio revealing “Arcade Fire STILL with us…”

The tweet also reveals, “This is going to be one great sounding album!”. Though no one signed off on the post, it really could have come from anyone, even some lowly intern. It was most probably Murphy himself, who co-owns the studio, and as mentioned before, was confirmed to be influencing the release, but how much influence remains to be seen.

The album will follow up from 2010’s The Suburbs, which will be a daunting task, but with Murphy’s fingerprints on an AF blueprint, it’s not just following up, but following up with style.

Now, before you get too excited, Drummer Jeremy Gara has stated in an interview (Via Diffuser) that the band are “under no pressure to do anything under any sort of schedule.” So it’s time to play the waiting game, with a pretty rad prize at the end.

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