Are Rage Against The Machine Working On A New Album? “Maybe”

Here’s some crazy good news tonight for fans of Rage Against The Machine, which I’m hoping is at least 100% of you out there. TMZ have uncovered what could potentially be the greatest 90’s resurgence since the trend started: Rage Against The Machine could be working on a new album.

So the reason we are being careful with our language and not confirming it is that the exact word used by bassist Tim Commerford – when approached by TMZ’s crew and camera and asked if we can expect a new RATM album in the future – was “Maybe”. But judging by the cheeky grin on his face…I’d say we have a little more than a ‘maybe’ on our hands…well, maybe. That and the fact that frontman Zack de la Rocha told NME back in 2010 that a new album was “a genuine possibility”.

The last time we heard the band released an album was back in 2000, with the groundbreaking release Renegades. 12 years on, that particular album still resonates strongly with their fan base.

Very recently the band put it to the fans, urging everyone to send through all the RATM memorabilia that they had stored away, so there is momentum clearly picking up within the camp.

Now, my friends, we wait.

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