Your Auntie’s Fave Supermarket Aldi Are Selling Vinyl Now, Are Hipster AF

In news that’s bound to come stained with the gluten-free tears of hipsters everywhere, the bargain basement of supermarket megastores, Aldi, is about to become your local vinyl record hub.

The discount shopping behemoth has embraced the vinyl revival, announcing plans to stock a selection of gems from your dad’s prized record collection: we’re talking The Beatles, Elton John, Cat Stevens, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and The Rolling Stones – all available on vinyl for just $24.99 a pop as part of Aldi’s weekly Special Buys, kicking off from next Wednesday, 11th November.

Whether or not the move will help Aldi run Coles and Woolies out of business based on indie cred alone remains to be seen… but we’ll stake our dollar dazzlers on proud crate-diggers across the nation greeting the German juggernaut’s sudden foray into the world of vinyl with a jaded eye-roll.


Still, wow! You can buy vinyl at Aldi now! Chuck it right there in your shopping trolley with your eggs, industrial meat slicers and marine safety equipment.

In the words of Brisbane producer Sampology, who Tweeted about Aldi’s vinyl revolution, “What a time to be alive”.

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