Onya Jack River, Coles Joins Channel 7 In Adding More Aussie Artist To Their Playlists

Yesterday, Jack River put a call out to Channel 7, suggesting they soundtrack the Olympics with Aussie artists. “These are Australian moments, they deserve Australian music,” she wrote.

While she was at it, she pointed to Coles, Woolies, and Aldi.

“And while we’re here, how good would it be to hear Aussie music in Coles, Woolies, Aldi, in banks, on hold, in stores and on ads being shown to Australian for the next few months?” she said. “We need you more than ever. We wanna be your soundtrack.”

Channel 7’s Edwina Bartholomew responded. She said, “I can’t speak for Woolies and Aldi et al but we are going to beef up the Aussie music in the arvos on [Channel 7 Olympics].”

Now, Coles has reached out to Music Feeds and confirmed they’ll do the same!! How good is that?!

A Coles spokesperson has said they have reached out to NOVA Entertainment, who programs their music. NOVA has confirmed Coles playlists will be increasing the number of Australian artists in their playlists from next week.

“Coles is a proud supporter of Australian music and our Value The Australian Way ad features Australian artists Missy Higgins, Dingo Spender and the current lead singer of Yothu Yindi, Yirrŋa Yunupiŋu,” say Coles in a statement.

“We will be adding even more amazing Aussie tracks to Coles Radio next week so tune in and enjoy!”

Onya Jack River.

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