Axl Rose Has Been Snapped Leaving The Same Rehearsal Space As AC/DC, Maybe Those Rumours Aren’t BS After All

Looks like the jig might be up.

Axl Rose has been photographed leaving an Atlanta rehearsal space just minutes before the remaining members of AC/DC, lending a whole lotta credence to gossip that the Guns N’ Roses frontman has been tapped to replace ailing singer Brian Johnson for the remainder of Acca Dacca’s Rock Or Bust world tour dates.

The rumour mill first got fired up when Atlanta radio DJ Jason Bailey claimed that a “very very good source” had confirmed to him that Axl was in Atlanta jamming with his childhood heroes, and that his gig as their new guest vocalist was a “all but a done deal”.

But, you know, that could have easily been BS (we all know how much unnamed “sources” can be trusted to provide accurate information to the media *“OMG Brangelina have split?! Noooooooo!”*). But these new snapshots from TMZ seem to be pretty damning evidence that Axl Dacca might actually be a thing that is happening.

Shortly after the Gunners mainstay was spotted leaving the studio (and holding an energy drink too), members of AC/DC were spotted leaving the same space. And we’re pretty sure they wouldn’t have been in there playing bingo.

image Via TMZ

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AC/DC were forced to postpone the remainder of their Rock Or Bust world tour dates after vocalist Brian Johnson was ordered by doctors to stop touring immediately or else risk permanent hearing loss, but they’ve announced plans to plough ahead with a guest vocalist.

And despite Axl’s forthcoming massive Coachella headlining slot and reunion dates with a semi-original Guns N’ Roses lineup, it looks like the singer has been doing a whole lot more than dancing with Mr. Brownstone.

All signs now seem to point to Axl pulling double duty in both monster bands, which certainly makes a lot of sense: the dual tour announcements would likely fuel publicity and excitement for each other, while you can’t deny that Axl has the veteran status, vocal talent, rock n’ roll attitude and showmanship to do an AC/DC set justice.

Now all he has to do is show up on time.

Re-live GN’R’s 1987 live cover of Whole Lotta Rosie below.

UPDATE 17/04/16: AC/DC have officially announced Axl Rose as Brian Johnson’s replacement.

Listen: Guns N’ Roses – Whole Lotta Rosie Live In London 1987


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