Azealia Banks Calls Russell Crowe “Misogynist Pig”, Says He Flirted With Her Before Violent Altercation

The drama surrounding an alleged altercation between actor Russell Crowe and Harlem rapper Azealia Banks has reached new levels, with Banks giving a play-by-play of supposedly went down on that fateful night in Crowe’s Beverly Hills hotel room.

Speaking with The Sun, Banks slams Crowe as “a racist, misogynist pig” for his alleged actions, which she claims left left a “stain” on her.

“My ­femininity feels stained. I feel stained as a woman, I feel mishandled, I feel mistreated, I feel dirty. I feel very fucking low,” she says.

According to Banks, Crowe began to flirt with her during the party, leading to some inappropriate comments and him touching her leg. At one point, a woman Banks believed to be Crowe’s partner apparently told her, “Russell thinks you’re so hot,” to which the rapper responded, “You know, I’m not here for that.”

Things went from bad to worse after Banks apparently picked on another guest, who was an up-and-coming filmmaker. Banks claims Crowe did a 180, and began berating the young rapper, to which she responded, “I’m a little offended but I was still keeping it light. I was like, ‘Your best days are behind you.'”

From there, Banks explains she got into an argument with a female guest, which escalated with Banks threatening physical violence. Then, all hell allegedly broke loose.

“[Crowe] calls me a n*gger, and then grabs me, picks me up, he chokes me by the throat, picks me up, throws me out of the room and then spits on me. You don’t just spit on somebody. And in front of everybody,” Banks says.

Unfortunately for the outspoken rapper, just about everyone else at the shindig claims she’s full of shit. One unnamed guest told The Sun, “Azealia’s behaviour that night was abrasive, shocking, rude, offensive, abusive and erratic,” claiming that Banks was the one using the N-word, not Crowe.

Banks has filed a battery claim against Crowe following the incident, and despite resistance from other guests (including Australian comedian Jim Jefferies), Banks is sticking to her guns, claiming “I have receipts. Stay tuned.”

Catch Jefferies comment regarding the incident below, as well as Banks’ latest statement.

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