Azealia Banks Labelled ‘Sorry Excuse For An Artist’ By Disgruntled Producer

Everyone’s favourite Azealia Banks has hit a bit of a snag just days before the release of her latest single Esta Noche. It appears that teaming up with one of her favourite producers may not have been such a great idea in the end.

The track saw Banks team up with well-known studio dweller Munchi, who has put his foot down with the release, claiming that he did not give permission for Banks, or her label, to use the entire song for commercial purposes. The response caught Banks and her camp off-guard and has now placed a big question mark over the future of the tune.

Munchi took to Facebook and Twitter to vent his frustration at the sitch, claiming that the label tried to buy him off, with little success, “Tell your camp the deal is off I don’t want your fucking $25.000. Fuck off. Go be a puppet bitch to someone else” he tweeted originally, but he has now unleashed on the social network, with a tirade of attacks against Banks and her label, suggesting that the label even doubled their offer, not to mention the cheeky personal attacks on Banks as an artist.

Banks herself has remained fairly silent on the issue, other than one tweet explaining the sitch from her end, and also confirming that filming is still to go ahead on the clip for the single, raising even more confusion as to just what will happen with this.

Time will tell who is in the right. It will be interesting to see who makes the next move, and what it will entail.

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