Azealia Banks Says Hip Hop Is A Patriarchal Culture

Azealia Banks has called out her male hip hop counterparts, saying that hip hop is dominated by backward thinking males who expect female rappers ‘to be drooling all over them’. Hip hop as a culture has faced plenty of criticism in the past about discriminatory behaviour towards women and homosexuals and the comments from Banks give the impression that little has changed, at least in the US.

“I’m gonna do whatever the fuck I wanna do,” Banks told NME, “You rap game rap niggers, you stupid like, closed-minded not-ready-to-progress-with-culture people can stay where you are, because I don’t do this for y’all. I don’t do this to impress you guys and I don’t do this for your approval; I do this because I like to do this. And I feel like that’s what the hip-hop world in the US is having a hard time understanding.”

“That’s not all of the hip-hop world, that’s just the bird-brained men, you know. The women get it, the girls are rooting for me, you know? It’s the men. And I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m not worried about impressing them. As a woman they expect you to be drooling all over them, but I don’t give a fuck. I’m drooling over guys like Paul Banks from Interpol and stuff like that.”

Meanwhile, the release of Banks’ debut record, Broke With Expensive Taste has been pushed back to February 2013. When speaking about the new material with NME, Banks said it is “fucking strong. Like strong, like ‘212’ strong.”

Watch: Azealia Banks – 212

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