Azealia Banks Says That She Got RuPaul’s Latest Album Wiped From Spotify


Never afraid to check those who need to be checked, Azealia Banks is claiming that she managed to get Spotify to remove RuPaul‘s latest album, American, from their catalog.

The reason? Banks is claiming RuPaul completely ripped off her song ‘The Big Big Beat’, from her 2016 mixtape Slay-Z, for his song ‘Call Me Mother’. Fans have made mashups and side-by-sides of the song to demonstrate similarities, and to be honest, almost everything between the two tracks are similar.

In a slew of tweets, Banks celebrated the album’s removal and claims RuPaul’s camp has only reached out now she’s filing a lawsuit.

American is still available on other streaming services like Apple Music, but Banks claims that she’s in talks to get the record stripped from their catalog as well.

Watch the video for Banks’ ‘Anna Wintour’ below.

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