Band Seeking $21 Million Through Kickstarter To Record Folk Album On The Moon

Jim McKenzie’s dream album is a concept so far fetched, he’s taking it to the Moon and back, literally. Representing the group Stuff Monsters Like, he has announced that he will be taking donations through Kickstart to fund his project of recording a folk album Lunar Aid 1985, with the key point of difference being it will be recorded, produced, mixed and probably mastered on the Moon.

Through the use of Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects, McKenzie and his group aim to reach a total of $21 million, easily the most ambitious target the site has ever seen. However, his reasons all seem fairly well thought out and logical, such as the fact that there is no global warming on the moon (yet) and that the Moon is terribly underpopulated…though there are Moon bandits.

Though that isn’t nearly the long and short of it. The group is aiming to set up base camp on the orbital being’s surface, accommodating to the likes of Ronald Reagan’s ghost, soul musicians Earth Wind and Fire and a segregated section for people named George, who cannot be trusted. They remained undeterred by the United Nations declaration that the Moon cannot be owned by any sovereign state and is the property of all mankind, and wish to purchase the whole kit and caboodle. The album will come after, telling the story of their achievement.

In a recent update on their Kickstarter Project, the group has announced that their plans have been halted by the Russian’s hopes of building a research facility on the moon, but they won’t send back a folk album.

For your donation you will receive signed paraphernalia, an acre of property on the Moon (bargin) or materials to create your own worm hole. Check out the video explaining the proposal. It’s flawless reason and thought-provoking concepts have me thinking, I can’t be the only one who wants this to actually happen.

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