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Roger Waters Releases Complete Re-Recording of ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’

Roger Waters, the former bass player and primary songwriter in Pink Floyd, has released The Dark Side of the Moon Redux. It’s a complete re-recording of the Floyd’s classic 1973 album. Waters, who left Pink Floyd in 1985, recorded the album with bass player Gus Seyffert, drummer Joey Waronker, guitarist Jonathan Wilson and various other session musicians. Waters co-produced the album with Seyffert, whose CV includes productions for Michael Kiwanuka and Beck.

Roger Waters – ‘Us And Them’

Waters’ Dark Side of the Moon Redux doesn’t attempt to mimic the sound of the original album. New versions of ‘Time’, ‘Speak to Me’ and ‘Breathe’ feature a more atmospheric sound, while Waters’ redo of the album’s biggest single, ‘Money’, is a dark and gravelly departure from the upbeat original.

“The original Dark Side of the Moon feels in some ways like the lament of an elder being on the human condition,” Waters said in a statement. “But Dave, Rick, Nick and I were so young when we made it, and when you look at the world around us, clearly the message hasn’t stuck. That’s why I started to consider what the wisdom of an 80-year-old could bring to a reimagined version.”

Listen to the album here.

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