“Bankrupt” 50 Cent Takes Us On An MTV Cribs-Style Tour Of A Budget Hostel

After 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy last year following an ill-advised decision to leak a sex tape that wasn’t his own, Curtis Jackson has kept the public wondering whether his net worth is really as low as he is claiming – with the rapper uploading a bunch of pics to Instagram of himself lying around in stacks of cash.

Since then, 50 has announced that he’ll soon star in a variety show called 50 Cent Presents, and now the rapper has starred in a real advertisement for budget travelling website Hostelworld.

The video is called In Da Hostel and is filmed in the style of MTV’s Cribs series where celebrities take the viewers on tours of their elaborate and glamorous homes. In the video, 50 takes you on a fast-paced tour of a Barcelona hostel that has”all the bling, without the sting”. The clip is full of hilariously over-the-top cuts and is accompanied by a beat-heavy backing track.

On the tour we’re introduced to 50’s main man, reception desk worker Carlos, and then taken through the lounge which containing”dope-ass books”, “a bean bag” and “other shiz”. He then schools some residents in foosball, before taking you around the pool, to the bunk rooms, and through to the ensuite.

The video wraps up when tour guide 50 Cent takes you back downstairs to “da club”, which is just the lounge at night. “Now get outta here, go meet the world,” says 50.

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