Oh God, Bill Shorten Just Rapped & Dabbed Over 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’

Labor leader Bill Shorten has gifted the internet with something it never needed — footage of him rapping and dabbing over 50 Cent‘s classic banger ‘In Da Club’.

After Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull tried to rap on The Project last week, Shorten clearly thought his opponent was onto something.

Taking to radio on Nova this morning, Shorten went up against Fitzy & Wippa in a good ol’ fashion rap battle, which was pretty much the whitest thing you’ll see this week.

MC Shorten rapped about taking down Turnbull, Question Time, his illustrious rap career and Tony Abbott’s views on same-sex marriage, before Fitzy & Wippa declared that he’s now got more “street cred”, somehow.

Shock jock Ray Hadley even joined in on the fun whatever the fuck was happening, but really struggled to stay in time with the music.

Watch the footage in full below, if you dare.

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