Barb From ‘Stranger Things’ Inspires An A+ Rap Tribute

Barb Holland, the courteous and spectacled young lady from Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things, has inspired a bunch of YouTubers to create a “sensitive” rap tribute song titled R.I.P. Barb, and it’s the anthem Barb so desperately deserves.

YouTube comedy channel Dr. Chorizo Productions is behind R.I.P. Barb (below), which tries to pay its respects to Shannon Purser’s character with lines like, “I only got eyes for one chick / Barb looking sexy in those glasses and she’s thick / Nigga, I’m trying to hit!”

barb holland stranger things eye roll gif

The song itself features the synth arpeggios of Stranger Things‘ opening titles, and recaps the disappearance of 12-year-old Will Byers before hitting its amazing chorus, which is, “R.I.P. / Rest in peace, Barb / I’m sorry that monster rolled up on you so hard.”

The tribute track finishes up with the rappers considering Ms Holland’s future on the show, rapping, “I’m sorry Nance is such a crap friend / Will we see you next season? / Stranger things have happened.”

Aside from R.I.P. Barb, Stranger Things has also inspired this funky Aussie makeover of its theme song. Meanwhile, it turns out that the show’s Steve Harrington — that’s Nancy Wheeler’s love interest, played by Joe Keery — is in a psych band which sounds quite a bit like early Tame Impala.

Catch Barb’s rap anthem below, and remember, #WeAreAllBarb.

barb holland stranger things chill gif

Watch: R.I.P. Barb – A ‘Stranger Things’ Tribute

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